"All Americans...need to watch what they say, what they do."
- Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great News!

Paterson, NJ has just laid off 125 cops, 25% of the police force.

Why stop there, Paterson? Let's hope we see cash-strapped cities take a look at cutting cops first, not last. Spend the tax dollars on sidewalks or potholes, not some cop's comfortable and benefit-laden tax-funded lifestyle.

Ask any self-proclaimed "limited-government" Republican how he feels about cutting cops and reducing spending by downsizing that government agency.

Monday, April 18, 2011

On the Other Side of Freedom is a Cop

Watch this disgusting video in which public servants head to Tallahassee and dare to tell the legislators that their masters should have less freedoms.

Since when does the opinion of a public servant matter in determining the arc of a freeman's actions? Servants are employed by us to safeguard our liberty and property. It's an outright usurpation of their charge for them to think themselves fit to dare to intervene in our laws and attempt to define what our freedoms should be. We tell them what their jobs are, and we don't want to hear them open their mouths in the conversations between their masters.

Hernandez, of the very corrupt Hillsborough County Sheriff, is promising to send two or more armed officers to intimidate and possibly kill anyone who would be carrying a firearm openly and legally under the proposed Florida law. He further says that he has to "determine" if a gun is legal or not legal. No, Hernandez, every gun is presumed legal unless a corresponding criminal act is occurring. Mere carry of a gun does not give you permission to engage in a warrantless search.

Hernandez continues by noting the mythical worry of a fictitious person who, when seeing a gun, might fictitiously wonder in his mythical mind "am I safe?" Well, Hernandez, when I see a cop around, especially in Florida, I damn sure know I'm not safe. I fear some ordinary guy with a gun far, far, far less than I do a Florida cop.

Police are the worst mistake this country has ever made, and they are an army working daily and ceaselessly to sap our freedom.

The scumball Sheriff Coats of Pinellas County received his turn at the microphone and continued the attack on freedom by saying: "why do we need this?" Cops, if every citizen carries a gun, this arming of freemen might make you fear the citizens for the first time in your lives, perhaps finally compelling you to act with restraint and civility toward your masters. That's why we need it, because, as Thomas Jefferson said, in a free state the government fears the people. Further, cop, freedom is its own justification.

Coats drops this whammy:

"People's rights need to be granted in a responsible way, for the right reasons."

That almost takes your breath away, doesn’t it? This outright inversion of the order of master and servant is merely the latest attack on freedom from a portion of government that flatly disagrees with the founding ideas of this country. Cop, rights are never granted. Rights exist at our first moment as a condition of our humanity. Anything that is granted is a permission or a privilege. Freemen, as masters of their government, have no permissions or privileges, only rights.

Coats tells us that when officers arrive at a scene where someone is openly carrying, officers' tensions are going to be focused on the open carrier. There's no way to take that except as a threat. If the law passes, open carry will be legal, so 1) officers should never respond to any legal act; and 2) if officers arrive with tension, they're likely to violate rights and make bad decisions. Coats informs us that cops will be “drawing down” on citizens for lawfully exercising their rights, clearly warning the people that they need to protect themselves from the cops and openly admitting that the cops are not servants, but an army at war with the citizens. Coats, if your officers don’t want to "put themselves at great risk," don't respond to open carry calls, unless there is an accompanying criminal act, and if you do respond, mind your manners, and know your place. Be a docile public servant, and don't draw a gun on your master.

Coats leaves us with this final warning: "Law enforcement is going to start drawing its weapons and challenging these individuals, and something bad may happen." If you're drawing your weapon over a legal act and a legal exercise of a right, something bad has already happened: the cops have declared war on their masters, and you're warning the people to defend themselves.

The simple truth is that cops like their exalted place of carrying openly, and they don't want the citizens to stand on equal footing with these erstwhile “servants.”

We must all recognize that cops are the enemies of freedom and that on the other side of freedom is a cop.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Red States are Leeching off the Blue States

The red states regularly like to taunt blue states such as New York and California over the financial troubles these large blue states experience. What the red states fail to mention is that the blue states are propping up the red states, as the blue states receive far less back from the federal government than they pay, while the red states are welfare cases, receiving far more from the federal government than they pay.

Click on this this interactive chart to see just which states are subsidizing others.

If the red state conservatives truly practiced what they preached, they would stop living on the backs of California taxpayers and confront the big and expensive governments in their own states. If everyone truly lived on his own abilities, as the conservatives frequently exhort, these red states would be forced to pay their own way and either raise taxes significantly or reduce the size of government.

As we all know conservatives love government more than freedom, so don't expect the red states to engage in any freedom restoration by decriminalizing acts, as conservatives enjoy their punishment plays far too much to embrace frugality and Liberty.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here's Something Sick and Creepy

Upon hearing that the silly and stupid Pledge of Allegiance won't be read, the assembled group of statists rises and engages in ritualistic behaviour, on their own.

These people are sick and scary. Pledges of loyalty to pieces of cloth are outright nonsensical and dangerous, and ritual behaviours are the way virgins get sacrificed and people get loaded onto boxcars.

We would be better off of we scrapped the stupid Pledge and if we ceased any and all forms of loyalty oaths.

I'd like to see the stupid Pledge booed. Stupid, sick, holier than thou statists looking for ever opportunity to show their loyalty to the government will strip us of our liberties.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Are You a Republican? You Might Be Sick.

Everyone owes it to their country to learn about Right Wing Authoritarianism, a sickness which seems to afflict only those on the Republican side. One wonders: do people become afflicted with RWA after joining the Republicans, or is the Republican Party a support group for these sick people?

Make no mistake about authoritarians. For all their bluster on Fox News about supporting freedom, these people care little about it. They're dangerous people who want to shackle everyone with some form of handcuff. "Social Conservatism," a staggering misnomer, is nothing but an attempt to turn the country into an open-air prison. Unhappily, the ranks of gun owners are overrun with these sick people, and I mean overrun. By my own crude estimate, I'd peg the amount of RWA's in the ranks of gun owners at 80%.

As I am also a gun owner, seeing my fellow company makes me ponder the hobby I've chosen. I wonder whether gun ownership is always a manifestation of a sickness, or whether guns are merely a mechanical recreation implement, little different than motorcycles, boats or dune buggies. Are there perhaps a few healthy people amidst the gun owners?

Right Wing Authoritarianism is characterized as the convergence of three disturbing personality traits:

1. Authoritarian submission — a high degree of submissiveness to the authorities who are perceived to be established and legitimate in the society in which one lives.

2. Authoritarian aggression — a general aggressiveness directed against deviants, outgroups, and other people that are perceived to be targets according to established authorities.

3. Conventionalism — a high degree of adherence to the traditions and social norms that are perceived to be endorsed by society and its established authorities.

RWA's are likely to show the following behaviours:

1: Faulty Reasoning — Right-wing authoritarians (RWAs) are more likely to:

* Make many incorrect inferences from evidence.
* Hold contradictory ideas that result from a cognitive attribute known as compartmentalized thinking, as illustrated by Orwellian doublethink.
* Uncritically accept that many problems are ‘our most serious problem.’
* Uncritically accept insufficient evidence that supports their beliefs.
* Uncritically trust people who tell them what they want to hear.
* Use many double standards in their thinking and judgments.

2: Hostility Toward Outgroups — RWAs are more likely to:

* Weaken constitutional guarantees of liberty such as a Bill of Rights
* Severely punish ‘common’ criminals in a role-playing situation.
* Admit they obtain personal pleasure from punishing such people.
* Be prejudiced against and hostile towards racial, ethnic, national, sexual, and linguistic minorities.
* Volunteer to help the government persecute almost anyone.
* Be mean-spirited toward those who have made mistakes and suffered.

3: Profound Character Attributes — RWAs are more likely to:

* Be dogmatic.
* Be zealots.
* Be hypocrites.
* Be absolutists
* Be bullies when they have power over others.
* Help cause and inflame intergroup conflict.
* Seek dominance over others by being competitive and destructive in situations requiring cooperation.

4: Blindness To One’s Own Failings And To The Failings Of Authority Figures Whom They Respect— RWAs are more likely to:

* Believe they have no personal failings.
* Avoid learning about their personal failings.
* Be highly self-righteous.
* Use religion to erase guilt over their acts and to maintain their self-righteousness.

If you are a gun owner or a Republican, please read Bob Altemeyer's excellent book, and see if you need professional help.

I can assure you that life is happier if you're not an authoritarian.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Shockingly Disappointing Comment from the Gun Forums

Over at Indiana Gun Owners, I happened upon this wrong-headed bit of statism:

From kingnereli:

We also must lose the mentality that any third party candidate is going to be president any time before all of us here are dust. It's a nice try to just make Bush and Obama seem the same to bolster fringe candidates in the future. A large part of Bush's spending was on a just war, defending liberty. I'm not interested in putting a price tag on that. Secondly, social conservatism is far more important than fiscal conservatism. It's big perk if a politician/candidate is fiscally conservative but spending more money than I would like them too is quite forgivable if they align with me on social issue.

Regarding Ron Paul, he will never ever be president. Voting for him or anyone like him is a waste of a vote and makes you just as responsible for Obama's brand of liberals winning elections as people who actually voted for the liberals.

I have to presume this man actually believes what he says, as it is a rare man who openly issues a stream of such bald lies and expects to receive anything but ridicule.

He states: "It's a nice try to just make Bush and Obama seem the same to bolster fringe candidates in the future." "Fringe?" Really? Does this man contend that probity is only found in parties of large membership? If so, that's a formidable non sequitur, as parties of large membership have committed some of the greatest acts of genocide ever seen on Earth. Further, how is "fringe" calculated? The Libertarians, Socialists, Marxists, Greens, etc. all have millions of members, apiece, and Socialists, worldwide, vastly outnumber the ranks of American Republicans. When taken in a global view, the dumb American, Bible-beating, Country-Music, hayseed, war-lover is a kooky small faction that the rest of the world finds a danger to peace. "Fringe," indeed.

He continues: "A large part of Bush's spending was on a just war, defending liberty." And hot-air balloons are used to tunnel deep in the earth, right? This cannot be more spectacularly wrong. It's just an outright, bald-faced, lie. The wars are lies that have destroyed Liberty and our economy, have murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents abroad, have returned our troops to being indiscriminate murderers, and have made America an international war criminal and pariah.

In defense of murder and giving the world a perpetual vendetta against America, he says: "I'm not interested in putting a price tag on that." Well, you should be. Assuming that Muslims were responsible for 9/11, is the solution to box cutters on airplanes a three, four or five trillion-dollar perpetual war or hardened airplane cockpit doors, at a trillionth of the cost? Is the solution to Muslims with box cutters a multi-billion dollar Homeland Security Administration that has destroyed the last remnants of freedom or, again, those cheap cockpit doors? 9/11 was a convenient means to impose martial law on America, and, sadly, those suffering from Right Wing Authoritarianism have rallied behind this power grab to steal their neighbor's freedom in turning America into a closed society.

He's not finished: "Secondly, social conservatism is far more important than fiscal conservatism." "Social Conservatism" is one of History's great oxymorons. Social Conservatives are nothing more than hard-Left fascists who want a powerful government to force you to live as they choose. A Social Conservative is one of the world's most noxious and dangerous predators, and we'd all live happier and freer if they didn't exist.

He concludes his attack on Liberty by saying: "Regarding Ron Paul, he will never ever be president. Voting for him or anyone like him is a waste of a vote and makes you just as responsible for Obama's brand of liberals winning elections as people who actually voted for the liberals."

Kiddo, voting for a Republican is the truest a waste of a vote, as its a vote for a full-on police state. A vote for a Democrat is also a wasted vote, as their police state is just about as total as the Republicans'. If "Liberal" is synonymous with the size of government, then there is nothing more "Liberal" than a Republican.

Posts such as this confirm that a return to freedom in this country will not come by the aid of gun owners, and even more terrifyingly, this post confirms that gun owners will be among the first to defend the state's ability to keep its boot on your neck. If a freedom movement awakens in America, it will first have to fight off the gun owners before it can begin to unshackle itself from the state's chains.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Will the Cowardly Cop Stop Hiding Behind his Badge?

I would pay big money to see this cop beaten into a pulp by his victim. Will the cop have the guts to quit hiding behind his badge and allow justice to be served?

Remember, pro-cop is anti-freedom. Let's hope this starts a national trend, and we can all seek more direct justice from these professional abusers.

Man Protests Treatment By Challenging Cop To MMA Fight

Rich Stephens was an offensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders in the 90's but he's going on the offensive now against a Byrnes Mill police department. He claims officer Tim Walker mistreated him during a traffic stop so he took out a full page ad in a paper challenging him to a fight. He would plan to sell tickets and donate proceeds to Backstoppers.

He is also driving around his pickup truck with a giant sandwich board sign on both sides asking what's short, fat and round all over. The next line says a Byrnes Mill cop.

"Everywhere I drive this truck people honk their horns give me thumbs up. It's been overwhelming," said Stephens.

His idea of a joke is no laughing matter to the Byrnes Mill police department.

"My opinion is it's borderline harassment and making a threat against a law enforcement officer," said Chief Ed Locke, Byrnes Mill police.

Stephens says he would do the Mixed Martial Arts fight by the books, on a fight card, and sell tickets.

"I'm taking all the money donating it to Backstoppers," said Stephens. "I just want his head on my hand."

Stephens decided to not to file a formal complaint saying he expects more results his way.

The police chief says formal complaints are investigated and feels poking fun of the police goes too far.

"If every officer that pulled someone over and they weren't happy, if they were challenged to a fighting match certainly those officers would all be suspended or lose their job," said Locke.

The police department says Stephens never filed a formal complaint so they're not talking either.