"All Americans...need to watch what they say, what they do."
- Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush

Friday, July 9, 2010

There Is No Justice for the Citizens

Cops can kill us, at will, and only rarely do they face any sanctions.

This cop committed outright murder and received a conviction for involuntary manslaughter. Our pigs are nothing but an occupying army, and we are not their equal. When we kill them, we are met with street assassinations or executions, but when they kill us, it's more akin to cruelty to animals. There is no justice as long as this pig does not receive the same sentence any Californian would receive for deliberately murdering a cop.

California (Reuters) - A white former transit police officer was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in a videotaped shooting death of an unarmed black man last year in Oakland, California, sparking a wave of looting and destruction in the city on Thursday.

Here's the videotape of the cop murdering an unarmed prisoner at point-blank range.

OpenCarry.org Bans Mark Marchiafava

Opencarry.org, a gun board for cowards and statists, has banned its greatest member, Mark Marchiafava. I shouldn't diffuse the accountability, as the responsible party is identifiable: John Pierce. Pierce is a true coward and statist who runs from controversy and believes gun owners should act meekly and mildly toward police and should give police full respect and compliance. Pierce believes gun owners should not speak too publicly or vociferously on the evils of police or the threat these armed goons pose to our freedom. Pierce makes regular practice of banning members on Opencarry.org who are particularly biting in their criticism of police, and he acts all the quicker to ban those who note that police are especially dangerous to gun owners. Pierce lashes out at anyone who observes that police power and a free citizenry are mutually exclusive. Pierce will even ban Opencarry.org members upon request of police officers who complain on other discussion boards. Make no mistake, John Pierce is no friend of civil rights or our cause.

Mr. Marchiafava was the only person on Opencarry.org who had ever personally done a thing to advance open carry of firearms. He dared to carry openly in Gonzales, Louisiana, as he knew such carry was permitted under Louisiana law. The Gonzales Police Department ignored Mr. Marchiafava's right to carry, surrounded him with armed paramilitary thug police scum with guns drawn, and forced him to the ground, at gunpoint. As the Gonzales Police Department trampled all over Mr. Marchiafava's rights and the law that day, Gonzales settled with Marchiafava by providing him with two motorcycles, one of which is well known to real gun owners as the "Freedom Bike."

Not content with merely censoring Marchiafava and stamping out his free speech, Pierce has acted as a good totalitarian thug by deleting every post Marchiafava made to Opencarry.org. As Marchiafava was a frequent and regular contributor to Opencarry.org, his posting history was extensive and served as Opencarry.org's best archive to those who wanted to learn the true nature of gun rights and freedom. Pierce's actions are Orwellian, and he stands as en enduring example that some of the worst enemies to freedom and gun ownership are certain gun owners who hold very dangerous and evil beliefs. These interlopers travel among us and outwardly appear to be real gun owners, but their nature is deeply sinister. They serve collectivized power, social control and the state. They quickly reveal their hostility to the pro-freedom, pro-peace desires of the real gun owner.

By attacking Mr. Marchiafava, Opencarry.org has proven the long-held indictment that they are an enemy of all gun owners. All members and promoters of Opencarry.com should be ostracized by all real gun owners and barred from all gun functions, discussions and conferences.

Can Any Gun Owner Be Pro-Cop?

Our freedoms face only one threat in this country: the cops. Without the cops, we could do as we please. The government could make all the annoying laws it wants, but without thugs with guns to push us around, we could cheerily ignore whatever silly edict the government passed. For all the well documented problems gun owners have had with armed governmental agents, no gun owner has been shot, assaulted, battered, tortured or intimidated at the barrel of a zoning inpector.

No, it's only the cops who hurt us, who put guns in our faces, who shoot us, who give teeth to immoral "laws." Without the cops, we could fully and freely exercise our right to keep and bear arms. Without the cops, each and every one of us could strap on a .357 and walk through Manhattan in conducting our affairs.

No real gun owner is pro-cop. No advocate of limited government is pro-cop.

Know the Three Truths.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey, Dumb Gun Owners, Christ is the "Prince of Peace"

How is it that so many dumb gun owners claim to be Christian but support the horrible brutality and murder committed by police and military? While real gun owners obviously own guns, it's pretty evident that Christ wouldn't have owned a gun. It's pretty evident that Christ wouldn't have engaged in war or committed violence on another person. We're not Christ, so we can be hopefully forgiven for our fears and frailties, but a real gun owner only uses his gun for shooting sports, to feed his family or for his own defense. A real gun owner, a Christian gun owner, does not engage in or condone wars of election or brutality on others.

It's like the phony gun owners are trying to marry two disparate courses that they want to hold: violence and Christ. Instead of softening the violence to comport with Christ, they've toughened up the Christianity to justify the violence. By destroying Christianity's message, they've turned Christ into something ugly. The Prince of Peace is now the hillbilly God of War.

Around the country, we saw phony gun owners justify the slaughter of innocents in Wikileaks' courageous release of this video:


These murderers in the video and all those who justify the murder are not Christians and do not know Christ.

Man, Gun Owners are Dumb

Here's a thread from one of my favorite dumb gun forums that's full of phony gun owners, one of those forums where I made regular business of exposing the self-labeled "conservatives" as big-government liberals. Of course, I got banned for picking on them. It's fun to check in on their hypocrisy. Here's some stupidity where they all cheer big government:


All real gun owners know the military is too big, is engaged in immoral wars, is bankrupting the country, and must be massively reduced as we end our foreign occupations. Phony gun owners, however, do not advocate limited government. They love big government, as long as it involves killing people who pose no threat to America. Phony gun owners think glory comes from military service. regardless of whether the military service has any connection to repelling invaders from America's shores.

Here's the truth, phony gun owners: if the war isn't proper, service in the war isn't laudable. Real gun owners are presently encouraging people not to join the military and be a drain on their fellow citizens. Real gun owners tell people to do something in the private sector that actually creates wealth. Real gun owners know that service in the military is just another form of governmental employment, essentially no different than meter maid or building inspector.