"All Americans...need to watch what they say, what they do."
- Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush

Monday, April 18, 2011

On the Other Side of Freedom is a Cop

Watch this disgusting video in which public servants head to Tallahassee and dare to tell the legislators that their masters should have less freedoms.

Since when does the opinion of a public servant matter in determining the arc of a freeman's actions? Servants are employed by us to safeguard our liberty and property. It's an outright usurpation of their charge for them to think themselves fit to dare to intervene in our laws and attempt to define what our freedoms should be. We tell them what their jobs are, and we don't want to hear them open their mouths in the conversations between their masters.

Hernandez, of the very corrupt Hillsborough County Sheriff, is promising to send two or more armed officers to intimidate and possibly kill anyone who would be carrying a firearm openly and legally under the proposed Florida law. He further says that he has to "determine" if a gun is legal or not legal. No, Hernandez, every gun is presumed legal unless a corresponding criminal act is occurring. Mere carry of a gun does not give you permission to engage in a warrantless search.

Hernandez continues by noting the mythical worry of a fictitious person who, when seeing a gun, might fictitiously wonder in his mythical mind "am I safe?" Well, Hernandez, when I see a cop around, especially in Florida, I damn sure know I'm not safe. I fear some ordinary guy with a gun far, far, far less than I do a Florida cop.

Police are the worst mistake this country has ever made, and they are an army working daily and ceaselessly to sap our freedom.

The scumball Sheriff Coats of Pinellas County received his turn at the microphone and continued the attack on freedom by saying: "why do we need this?" Cops, if every citizen carries a gun, this arming of freemen might make you fear the citizens for the first time in your lives, perhaps finally compelling you to act with restraint and civility toward your masters. That's why we need it, because, as Thomas Jefferson said, in a free state the government fears the people. Further, cop, freedom is its own justification.

Coats drops this whammy:

"People's rights need to be granted in a responsible way, for the right reasons."

That almost takes your breath away, doesn’t it? This outright inversion of the order of master and servant is merely the latest attack on freedom from a portion of government that flatly disagrees with the founding ideas of this country. Cop, rights are never granted. Rights exist at our first moment as a condition of our humanity. Anything that is granted is a permission or a privilege. Freemen, as masters of their government, have no permissions or privileges, only rights.

Coats tells us that when officers arrive at a scene where someone is openly carrying, officers' tensions are going to be focused on the open carrier. There's no way to take that except as a threat. If the law passes, open carry will be legal, so 1) officers should never respond to any legal act; and 2) if officers arrive with tension, they're likely to violate rights and make bad decisions. Coats informs us that cops will be “drawing down” on citizens for lawfully exercising their rights, clearly warning the people that they need to protect themselves from the cops and openly admitting that the cops are not servants, but an army at war with the citizens. Coats, if your officers don’t want to "put themselves at great risk," don't respond to open carry calls, unless there is an accompanying criminal act, and if you do respond, mind your manners, and know your place. Be a docile public servant, and don't draw a gun on your master.

Coats leaves us with this final warning: "Law enforcement is going to start drawing its weapons and challenging these individuals, and something bad may happen." If you're drawing your weapon over a legal act and a legal exercise of a right, something bad has already happened: the cops have declared war on their masters, and you're warning the people to defend themselves.

The simple truth is that cops like their exalted place of carrying openly, and they don't want the citizens to stand on equal footing with these erstwhile “servants.”

We must all recognize that cops are the enemies of freedom and that on the other side of freedom is a cop.

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