"All Americans...need to watch what they say, what they do."
- Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are Gun Owners Stupid?

I wonder, why are gun owners among the dumber people you'll ever encounter? I further wonder whether stupid people are drawn in large numbers to guns by nature or nurture? We must be honest about this discipline: there are abundant stereotypes of gun owners, and few of them are flattering. As a long-time gun owner, having long been immersed in the gun community, I must say with a large measure of displeasure that many of these negative stereotypes are true.

Take, for example, a poster named JeepSeller on OpenCarry.org. By trade, he's a radiological technician at some prison, a low occupation in a low job in a low work environment, all properly befitting the aspirations and capabilities of a lower person. Low persons, like weaker animals, find comfort in finding a place in the group and adopting a herd mentality.

A quick review of this unerudite's posts reveals a man who despises individualism and cherishes having a place in a group. He never leads by proffering his own opinions, and he never speaks unless it is to join the clear and established momentum of the group. He only advocates the advancement of governmental power and the diminishment of citizens' rights, again acting on his deep desire to seek the comfort of group power and eschewing the solitary Liberty of individualism. He has an abiding desire to force all into a common group identity, and he's a champion of reducing the greater to salve the ego of the lesser man, of which he, himself, is one.

By any fair accounting, he's a dim-witted man with little insight. He regularly loses those few arguments into which he foolishly enters, and his ordinary course, when invariably bested, is to seek the assistance of a senior group member to silence the discussion, allowing him to slink away in the vain hope of saving face.

A trifling and failed man, to be certain, but his failed ilk is far too common in the ranks of gun owners. JeepSeller is emblematic of so many of the stultified persons you'll find in the gun community. A review of gun forums finds post upon post that is poorly composed, lacking in the elements of structure, absent the rudiments of concept progression, sown with spelling errors, built atop logical fallacies and most often, written in rage, with all the shallowness rage commands. Shallow persons such as JeepSeller are fiercely bitter at those more educated, more refined and globally better than themselves, so this bitterness only enhances the general anti-intellectual climate of the gun community.

What is it about guns that attracts the lesser lights, the left half of the bell curve? Ought thinking men to be part of the corpus of gun owners? Are there many intelligent men in the ranks of gun owners?  One finds that the larger concentrations of college graduates contain the least percentage of gun ownership. The inverse is also true. Do broken people such as JeepSeller drive decent people from the gun community? How much do we ask of an educated man to share his time and company with a dunce such as JeepSeller? Does not the educated man have better things to do? Does the educated man worry about becoming infected with the low habits, attitudes and thoughts of lesser men such as JeepSeller? Does the educated man not rightly worry about being seen in the company of bitter, failed and lowbrow men such as JeepSeller?

Gun owners were not always thought of so poorly. Gun owners used to be men of stature and letters. Let us aim for better. Let us restore the image of gun owners and begin to reclaim to our ranks the educated man who now rarely dares to tread among us. Let gun owners be thankful for those of the leadership class who join their ranks, and let the follower class of gun owners mind its tongue and manners around the leaders. Let the follower class speak infrequently and only when permitted. Let the followers such as JeepSeller ask the leaders for permission to speak, and let each follower communicate only privately with a leader on matters of confusion or dispute, so that the follower be given the proper study and not diminish the public perception of gun owners. 

Gun owners can improve their public perception and the general enjoyment, fulfilment and tenor of participation in the gun community, but each gun owner must first know his place in the ranks if we are to get to such a happy land. For most gun owners, particularly those of JeepSeller's strata, that place is a silent one, letting the better men hold the tiller and tend to the orating.


  1. Stupidity is not limited to gun owners, exclusively, nor does Jeepseller consume the gun owner's share of it.
    I prefer to consider it "intentional ignorance."

  2. Judging by the comments concerning Anthony's 2nd indictment, YES, gun owners ARE stupid, there's no shortage.